The then MOUNTAIN PROVINCE GENERAL HOSPITAL, Abatan, Bauko, Mountain Province came into existence by virtue of the approval on June 22, 1957 of the Republic Act 1806 – “An Act providing for the establishment of Mountain Province General Hospital in the municipality of Kayan (now Tadian), Mountain Province, and authorizing the appropriate funds thereof, then initiated by the late Congressman Luis Hora with the concurrence of the 3 mayors of Sabangan, Bauko, & Tadian.

            Shortly after the passage of Republic Act 1806, the Bureau of Forestry and the Department signed a formal lease contract stipulating therein the lease of about 7.1 hectares of the public land situated at Abatan, Bauko, Mountain Province, renewable after twenty five (25) years starting in 1962 at one peso (P1.00) rent per year. The constructions of facilities were done in phases. Construction of a portion of the main hospital building, the doctor’s quarter, and the dormitory started  immediately thereafter and as soon as the operating room, delivery room, emergency room  and an outpatient section were finished, the Secretary of Health directed by Dr. Rosario A. Quitiquit, then chief of hospital of the nearby Bessang Pass Memorial Hospital, Cervantes, Ilocos Sur, to organize the hospital in December 1963. On February 12, 1964, with Dr. Quitiquit appointed as Chief of Hospital, the hospital started to serve the public with an appropriation of merely TWO HUNDRED TWENTY NINE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED TWENTY EIGHT (P229, 128.00) PESOS.

            A T-shaped concrete hospital main building was finally constructed in 1977. With the increasing number of patient being attended to then, the bed capacity was increased from 50 to 75 beds. An additional wing was added in 1989 and the hospital complex now resembles the letter “H”, top view.


            The following significant changes followed thereafter:

  1. Dr. Rosario A Quitiquitwas transferred to the Gabriela Silang Hospital effective January 1, 1979.
  2. Dr. Alfredo Andaya Jr. - Senior Resident Physician was designated Officer – In Charge of the Mountain Province General Hospital effective January 1, 1979.
  3. Dr. Alfredo R. Canoywas appointed as Chief of  Hospital on March 1, 1979, until his detail in the Ministry of Health, Manila, effective May 1, 1979, until his detail in the Ministry of Health, Manila, effective May 1, 1980. Dr. Andaya was once again designated Officer In Charge of the hospital which official capacity he held on June 18, 1981.
  4. Dr. Carlos P. NinalgaChief of Hospital III, Dona Gregoria Memorial Hospital, Agoo, La Union, was appointed as Chief of Hospital II effective June 19, 1981.
  5. April 1984 – Integration of the hospital, the Rural Health units and the Barangay Health Stations was located in the Municipalities of Sabangan, Bauko and Tadian. It involved the integration of  thirty five employees from the Rural Health Units, twenty-two barangay from the municipality of Bauko as well as (19) barangay from the municipality of Tadian.
  6. Dr. Lourdes P. Marrerotook over Dr. Ninalga on March 4, 1987, as Officer In-charged.
  7. Dr. Edgardo I. Bolompowas appointed as Chief of Hospital effective January 1, 1988.
  8. Devolution of health services took effect in 1993. Rural Health Units and Barangay Health stations were devolved to municipalities and hospital was devolved to the Provincial Government. Devolution involved the following:April 1, 1998 – Re-Nationalization and Re-Appointment of Ninety Three personnel (93) hospital employees previously devolved in 1993 to the provincial government.
    1. Devolution of personnel
    2. Devolution of properties, equipment and other assets.
    3. Devolution of funds.
    4. Devolution of health programs, projects, and activities.

            As the aforementioned events took place one after the other, the Honorable Assemblyman now Congressman VICTOR S. DOMINGUEZ was also doing his part in congress. He authorized the bill which later became Batas Pambansa No. 836 which was approved April 27, 1984 “an Act changing the name of the Mountain Province General Hospital in Municipality of Bauko, Mountain Province to LUIS HORA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL”. Similarly, he was responsible for the eventual passage of RA 7445 & 8314;

RA 7445 – “An Act Increasing the Bed Capacity of the Congressman Luis Hora Memorial Hospital in Mountain Province, and appropriating funds therefore.

Section I. The capacity of Congressman Luis Hora memorial Hospital in Mountain province is hereby increased from seventy five (75) to one hundred (100) beds. Approved April 27, 1992.        

            On December 9, 1997, the Oversight Committee on RA 7160 (Local Government Code 1991) passed Resolution No 97-07 transferring the administrative responsibility over Luis Hora Memorial Hospital in Bauko, Mountain Province (Regional Hospital of the Cordillera Administrative Region) from the provincial to the national government corollary to its conversion into a higher level hospital by virtue of RA 8314 – Regional Hospital of the Cordillera Administrative Region and appropriating funds therefore. Approved June 20, 1997.

             On February 1, 2013, Dr. Epifanio B. Pagalilauan Jr. was assigned as the Chief of Hospital after the retirement of Dr. Edgardo I. Bolompo who served the hospital for nearly 25 years.


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